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  1. 1France - The banks of the seine in Paris
    389 Reviews
    Direction Seine and Marne for the vacations! At the east of Paris, this former rural area offers you many incredible and rich discoveries: Many castles,...12277 Adverts
  2. 2Italy - The Colosseum in Rome
    199 Reviews
    These vacations, go to Breuil Cervinia, the most trendy ski resort of the whole Italy! The Val d'Aosta city offers its 150 kilometers of powder covered...9192 Adverts
  3. 3Spain - Plaza Mayor of Madrid
    178 Reviews
    Pradollano, the Sierra Nevada ski resort is open until the end of April! The resort of the Sierra Nevada national Park welcomes you on the slopes developed...3369 Adverts
  4. 4Greece
    68 Reviews
    The peninsula of Sithonia welcomes your vacations under the Sun of Nikiti! The village of Macedonia place you its superb golden sandy beach, invites you...1796 Adverts
  5. 5Germany - Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
    19 Reviews
    Spend the Vacations at the end of year in the magical atmosphere of the oldest Christmas market of Germany: the Striezelmarkt in Dresden from November...1198 Adverts
  6. 6United States
    15 Reviews
    Attend the "Las Vegas Great Santa Run" on Saturday, December 3! Became a 'must' event for the holiday season in the largest city of the Nevada, the race...670 Adverts
  7. 7Portugal
    98 Reviews
    Relax under the Sun of Vieira do Minho! The Portuguese municipality in the district of Braga welcomes you in the landscape of the Serra da Cabreira which...2107 Adverts
  8. 8Switzerland
    8 Reviews
    Spend a pleasant vacation in the comely and cosmopolitan city of Lausanne. Located in the Jura peaks region at the Northwest of the Alps, Lausanne was...260 Adverts
  9. 9Canada
    4 Reviews
    Enjoy the festivities of "375 MTL" in 2017 and celebrate 375 years of existence of Montreal! The main metropolis in the province of Quebec plans many activities:...286 Adverts
  10. 10Austria
    19 Reviews
    Throughout the months of January and February, Austria celebrates the Carnival. Come to discover its festive celebrations! The period from the epiphany...694 Adverts
  11. 11Israel
    5 Reviews
    Herzliya welcomes you on your spring vacation. On the Mediterranean Coast, in the North of Israel, the sprawling city of Tel Aviv discovers this charming...260 Adverts
  12. 12Netherlands - Windmills at a Tulip field
    34 Reviews
    Have a great vacation in Katwijk! In the region of bulbs, in South Holland, a pretty village invites you to super hiking in the Tulip fields, long beach...494 Adverts
  13. 13Croatia
    14 Reviews
    This summer is the perfect occasion for authentic glamorous vacations in Croatia! On the border between Central Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, Croatia...1316 Adverts
  14. 14Belgium
    58 Reviews
    Go to Ghent for a vacation in one of the most beautiful city in Belgium. Surrounded by romantic canals, the Flemish beauty opens its historic heart. Located...607 Adverts
  15. 15Morocco
    13 Reviews
    Enjoy a warm vacation in Chefchaouen with the Rif mountain peaks in the background. The small town of northwestern Morocco welcomes you in the alleys of...653 Adverts
  16. 16Mauritius
    18 Reviews
    Pereybere welcomes you for a vacation in the sun! Enjoy the off season weather in Mauritius in this small village close to Grand Baie. Get a tan on the...257 Adverts
  17. 17England
    6 Reviews
    The festive season approach, prepare the famous #Christmas events in London as it should be! The Markets of Southbank, Hyde Park and the traditional market...473 Adverts
  18. 18Canary Islands - Beach of Morro Jable, Fuerteventura
    69 Reviews
    Direction Granadilla de Abona for the vacation! The Santa Cruz of Tenerife province and Granadilla welcome you in the heavenly landscape of the Canary...296 Adverts
  19. 19Curacao - The beach of Santa Cruz in Curaçao
    4 Reviews
    Willemstad welcomes your vacations! The fortified capital of the island of Curaçao, in the Caribbean Sea, offers peaceful boat trips from the marina, many...72 Adverts
  20. 20Azores - Praia Formosa in the island of Santa Maria
    11 Reviews
    102 Adverts
  21. 21South Africa
    5 Reviews
    Direction the southwestern tip of Africa for a memorable vacation in Cape Town! The big city of South Africa held lavish sands of its many beaches, as...360 Adverts
  22. 22French Polynesia
    16 Reviews
    Enjoy your vacations in the French Polynesia! Five archipelagos and one hundred eighteen green islands dotted with magnificent atolls and turquoise lagoons...101 Adverts
  23. 23Malta
    4 Reviews
    Take a sunbath in Sliema, one of the largest resorts in Malta beachfront! At the north of Valletta, on the Mediterranean seafront, this former fishing...73 Adverts
  24. 17 Adverts
  25. 25Thailand - The beach of Krabi in Thailand
    19 Reviews
    Pattaya, opens arms for your next vacation! The famous resort of the Southeast of Bangkok, invites to NAP and quiet sunbathing sessions on white sand beaches....201 Adverts
  26. 26Poland
    3 Reviews
    501 Adverts
  27. 27Mexico - Chichen itza in the Yucatan
    2 Reviews
    Mexico is a true coastal and archaeological paradise! From the Lower California deserted beaches up to the Mayan sites of the Yucatan peninsula, discover...172 Adverts
  28. 28Tunisia
    5 Reviews
    216 Adverts
  29. 29Argentina - Iguazu falls
    2 Reviews
    Head to Argentina and its dazzling sun! Located in the southern hemisphere, Argentina offers all the variety of climates in South America: from subtropical...358 Adverts
  30. 30Scotland
    5 Reviews
    Live the "Hogmanay", the new year's Eve in Edinburgh! It is one of the most festive Eve in the world. The Scottish capital enters with full foot in the...228 Adverts
  31. 31Slovenia
    2 Reviews
    129 Adverts
  32. Plan an unforgettable vacation in Florianópolis, on the island of Santa Catarina! Placed by the sea, the city in southern Brazil is a real paradise for...322 Adverts
  33. The Winter Olympics 2014 will take place in a month in Sochi! Live directly, from February 7th to 23rd, this leading international sports event! Thousands...546 Adverts
  34. 34Australia
    3 Reviews
    Sydney opens its arms and offers you the benefits of the Australian sun! Walk along the state capital of New South Wales in Australia and discover the...161 Adverts
  35. 131 Adverts
  36. 36St Marteen - Saint Martin in the Caribbean Bay
    13 Reviews
    Saint Martin, a Unique Caribbean Island for a Spectacular Vacation
    Nettlé Bay welcomes you in the French part of the island of Saint Martin for an exceptional vacation by the sea! Located on the southwest coast of the...56 Adverts
  37. 37Ireland
    3 Reviews
    Choose Ireland on your next vacation! Flowers dress up in lively colors all over the deep green Moors to offer incredible landscapes, living traditions...163 Adverts
  38. From 10th to 26th April, join the Spring Festival in Budapest! The Spring Festival is a major prestigious event in the Hungarian cultural season. Budapest...148 Adverts
  39. 39Reunion Island - West Coast Reunion
    2 Reviews
    Direction the Reunion island for a warm vacation at La Saline les Bains. The typical village has a beautiful beach, lined to a beautiful lagoon. Enjoy...189 Adverts
  40. 40Turkey
    4 Reviews
    156 Adverts
  41. 41Hawaii
    1 Review
    69 Adverts
  42. 42Egypt
    1 Review
    61 Adverts
  43. 43Indonesia
    2 Reviews
    #Bali, the island of the gods, offers you a dream #vacation. The beautiful small island in the Indonesian archipelago is a tropical ideal paradise for...106 Adverts
  44. 44New Caledonia
    4 Reviews
    Nouméa: your vacations in a paradise landscape! Port of entry to the archipelago of New Caledonia, this large French-speaking city in Oceania invites to...34 Adverts
  45. 45Guadeloupe
    21 Reviews
    Saint-Anne welcomes your next vacation on the island of Guadeloupe! Located 21 km east of Pointe-à-Pitre, the small town of Grande-Terre boasts heavenly...336 Adverts
  46. 46Zanzibar - Zanzibar on the Indian Ocean
    1 Review
    23 Adverts
  47. 13 Adverts
  48. 48Cuba - Vintage car in a street of Havana
    9 Reviews
    The capital of the island of Cuba retains an aura of romance and authenticity: the streets of Old Havana, the large antique American cars, the colorful...464 Adverts
  49. 49Seychelles
    3 Reviews
    56 Adverts
  50. 84 Adverts
  51. 51Sweden
    1 Review
    On December 13 discover the Sankta Lucia (Saint Lucia) in Sweden! The Festival of lights celebrates St. Lucia and organizes many gatherings in squares...50 Adverts
  52. 52Martinique
    10 Reviews
    Head to Martinique to enjoy the summer weather and find again the sun! This piece of heaven surrounded with sandy beaches under a blue sky offers a timeless...130 Adverts
  53. 53Romania
    4 Reviews
    152 Adverts
  54. 54India
    1 Review
    Goa welcomes you warmly for a paradise vacation in the sun! Along the Arabian Sea, Goa unfolds 100 km of fine sand, white, golden, grey or pearly, lined...163 Adverts
  55. 37 Adverts
  56. 56Montenegro
    2 Reviews
    123 Adverts
  57. Direction Viña del Mar and its beaches for your next vacation! Located just at the north of the picturesque port of Valparaiso, the Chile most famous resort...111 Adverts
  58. 58Madeira Islands
    3 Reviews
    108 Adverts
  59. From 26th to 31st May, Prague invites you to Khamoro, the World Roma Festival! In a spirit of cultural exchange, the Czech capital presents the Roma music...108 Adverts
  60. 60Costa Rica
    4 Reviews
    Live the « Pura vida » in Costa Rica! Between its Pacific waters and those from the Caribean sea, the «rich coast» offers you a lush vegetation, tropical...74 Adverts
  61. 61New Zealand
    1 Review
    81 Adverts
  62. Head to Cyprus, the birth island of mythological Aphrodite! With 340 days of sunshine every year, the island offers a Mediterranean climate, the beaches...59 Adverts
  63. 63Wales - Conwy Castle
    2 Reviews
    86 Adverts
  64. 64Senegal
    4 Reviews
    80 Adverts
  65. 65Bulgaria
    1 Review
    The International Music Festival will make you discover Varna from June 20th to July 27th. The Bulgarian city of Varna vibrates for a month to the rhythm...212 Adverts
  66. 13 Adverts
  67. 67Barbados
    1 Review
    17 Adverts
  68. 68Bahamas
    1 Review
    Head to the islands for a vacation in Paradise under the sun of The Bahamas! Follow the first steps of Christopher Columbus in the New World and discover...27 Adverts
  69. From November 18 to December 22, prepare the vacations in the magical atmosphere of Copenhagen! The capital and largest city of the Denmark welcomes several...31 Adverts
  70. 38 Adverts
  71. 21 Adverts
  72. 35 Adverts
  73. 73Madagascar
    3 Reviews
    An exotic change of scene awaits you in the island of Madagascar! The “Big Island” reveals an astonishing diversity of landscapes, from the light green...70 Adverts
  74. Spend the winter in the warm: Ocumare de la Costa offers you a beautiful sun on its paradisiacal beaches! In the state of Aragua, in the north-west of...77 Adverts
  75. 67 Adverts
  76. 37 Adverts
  77. 15 Adverts
  78. 78Malaysia
    2 Reviews
    14 Adverts
  79. 18 Adverts
  80. Get aboard a barge for some amazing vacations along the waterways! Follow at your own pace the shaded riverbanks.  Cruise along the waters through fields...134 Adverts
  81. 10 Adverts
  82. Enjoy a break in the paradise island of Sri Lanka with its spice fields and beaches surrounded by coconut trees in full sun! The teardrop of India offers...63 Adverts
  83. 15 Adverts
  84. 84Finland
    1 Review
    17 Adverts
  85. 22 Adverts
  86. 10 Adverts
  87. 87Albania
    3 Reviews
    36 Adverts
  88. 35 Adverts